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Canadian Government Grain Hopper

              One of the differing schemes used by the Canadian Government for their hoppers, this one includes a stylized wheat stalk. Due to the odd way texture mapping is done in MSTS, the "Canada" logo reflects on the hopper ends. I'm working on that...

Alberta Heritage Grain Hopper

         This is a skin based on one of the "Heritage" paint schemes used by the Alberta Government on their grain hoppers. These feature different historical Alberta communities as their theme. Again, the texture mapping causes the car ends to be mapped improperly.


CP Multimark Boxcar

        This is a boxcar in the old Multimark scheme used by CP in the 70's. Once I get a better source picture, I'll correct this one.


CP Rail (Soo Line) Covered Hopper.

This is based on a standard Soo line (CP Rail) covered hopper. This skin was done for the ex-TD (note the car number) guys at work.. (TD- Technical Design) - enjoy your car in MSTS, guys...

CP Multimark Insulated Boxcar

        This is an insulated boxcar in the old Multimark scheme used by CP in the 70's. These were used for transport of perishable items.

CP Stock Car

        This is a vintage CP Cattle Car, as used to transport livestock.

Canpotex Hopper

        Typical Canpotex potash hopper.

Canpotex Hopper CPLX 130002

         Canpotex potash hopper in CPRS scheme.

Sultran Sulphur Gondola

Sultran unit sulphur train gondola in one of the newer Sultran schemes

CP vintage 40 foot boxcar

Older Candian Pacific Railway scheme (pre-Multimark)

Saskatchewan Wheat Pool Hopper


Soo Line Hopper  with weathering and graffiti:

CP Newsprint Service Boxcar:

 This is a CP newsprint service boxcar in the latest scheme. Cars are being repainted as they are due for major shop work.

CP Vintage wooden caboose

For all those who hate FREDS

CP Rail Mandarin Express Reefer:

Canadian Pacific "Temperature Controlled" Reefer:

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