Sperry Railservices Track Detector Car.

  First in a series of Maintenance of Way rolling stock. Sperry Railservices Cars check for and analyze track faults. When needed, followup is done with a rail grinding train, or other maintenance equipment.


NEW!!! - updated .eng file for the Sperry. - added front and rear strobes, and modified lights for bright/dim head and tail light.. Thanks to Kyle Hendrix for the strobe light code!!   Download HERE.

Replacement Winter Textures for Marias Pass.

Tired of wimpy western winters in MSTS? Here's what these replacement textures do.. Thanks to Ron (www.railwaystation.com) for the original idea. I took it a bit further by looking at each ACE file with TGATool, then exporting to Photoshop and modifying slightly before exporting and compressing back to .ace files.  These textures area  work-in-progress and will be updated as needed. Please make sure you back up your original textures. Here's a few screenshots.

Unzip these in your USA2 Routes folder,as indicated, after backing up your originals

snow.zip contains textures for Routes/USA2/Terrtex/Snow/

Winter.zip contains textures for Routes/USA2/Textures/Winter/

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