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Multiple Road Numbers and Paint Variations Available

NEW - SD40 replacement sounds -  download here - These are freeware SD40 sounds created by Andy Hockin.

CP 5570

              CP 5570 is a SD40-2 built in 1972. This locomotive is painted in the interim CP Rail paint scheme. This scheme was used on only 2 units for Canadian Pacific locomotives originally purchased by CP (units 5570 and 5751). It was temporary before the Beaver and Shield paint scheme was introduced. 

STLH 5649 

             STLH 5649 is an SD40-2 painted in the logo of CPR's one time separate eastern network. Units of this paint now run systemwide since the units are once again in the CPR general locomotive pool.


CP 5961

           CP 5961 was built in 1980. This unit is painted in the current CPR livery. In addition, this unit has the classification lights still intact, where most CPR units have had them removed prior to painting.


    CP57454 is painted in the new Expressway scheme.  Expressway is a priority Intermodal service offered by Canadian Pacific.


   CP5428 carries builders number 74690-25 and has the following history:

History (chronological): Owner Number Date
Built by EMD as: MP 3188 1975
Through merger to: UP 4188 1982
Sold to: GATX 2006 1990
Sold to: CP 5428 1994-03

CP5428 was left in UP yellow and gray, but with CP red lettering and road number.

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