CP3084 is a GP38 and was built in 1986 with builders number A4545. This unit is painted in the classic CP "Tuscan and Grey" script scheme and is used as backup power for Royal Canadian Vintage Tours, and the corporate business cars, both of which are normally powered with restored vintage F7's. I plan to model (or skin) a business car consist to go with CP3084.



For those who e-mailed looking for some Eastern CP power, here is ST&LH7308. ST&LH 7308 is painted in the standard STL&H scheme, and was built in 1972. Originally 7308 was a D&H loco, and was acquired when the D&H was merged into the ST&LH. 7308's D&H heritage is honored in the small D&H shield on the nose, above the ST&LH logo. The logo on this skin is slightly incorrect, owing to a mapping anomaly in the mesh. Positioning the mesh correctly causes whatever texture is where the space in the logo is to be mapped to the front of the locomotive side.


   D&H 7312 is an ex-Delaware and Hudson GP38-2. Recently 7312 was repainted in a "heritage" scheme based on the classic blue/grey D&H scheme. This was done to honour the D&H's history and heritage within Canadian Pacific.


CP3024 is a GP38 painted in the Action Red CP Rail scheme and has been heavily weathered. I have tried to simulate open or missing hood doors on the left side.

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