CP8580 is an AC4400 built in 1998, with a builders number of 50906. This locomotive is painted in the new "Beaver and Shield" logo. I have modified the .eng files to more closely reflect the locomotive specs given in the CP "General Operating Instructions" manual.


             CP9502 is and AC4400 painted in the infamous (and disliked by many) 'Dual Flags" logo. I have included this scheme here for authenticity, as there are a lot of units that have not yet been repainted to the new logo. CP9502 was built in 1995, and carries builders number 48797.



           CP9549 was built in 1995, and carries builder's number 48844. This unit is painted in the "Dual Flags". In addition, this unit has the commemorative  RCMP "Musical Ride" nose logo.



           CP9570 was built in 1995, and has builder's number 48865. This unit is another "Dual Flags" logo'ed unit, and is also set up as my first attempt at weathering a locomotive for MSTS. For this reason, I chose a unit that was as yet not repainted, as these tend to be a bit dirtier than those in the new scheme, which are usually kept fairly clean.



To round out the AC4400's, here is CP9598, built in 1997, with builders number 50104. CP9598 is painted in the "Beaver and Shield" logo.



          CP9122 is one of the new SD90's that Canadian Pacific has acquired.

CP9587 in Holiday Train lighting.


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