Welcome to to my MSTS Canadian Pacific Project.

This project started after seeing what Microsoft Train Simulator could do, and then wishing I could have some Canadian Content, more specifically, some Canadian Pacific locomotives and rolling stock. After having discovered Train-Sim, a wonderful online community devoted to MSTS, I decided to have a go at some custom skins.

Note:  The Canadian Pacific logo and wordmark and copyrighted and may not be used for commerical purposes without permission. These skins have been produced with the permission and consent of Canadian Pacific Railway, and as such may be considered "official" until such time as otherwise indicated.

MSTS has the potential to be as customizable as Microsoft Flight Simulator. Within a few weeks of its release, MSTS has generated a large following amongst  train fans, and some truly excellent custom add-ins have been done . In that sprit, I present my on attempts at custom skins. Feel free to download and use, however, all MSTS addins from this page are copyright, and may not be used commercially or sold as part of any set of MSTS add-ins. Comments and suggestions are always welcome, and may be directed to me at:





Future Projects and Ideas:





Harold Clitheroe,

Calgary, Alberta, 07/2001